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Intermediate Engineering Technologist

FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY –   Intermediate Engineering Technologist   October 2021   Position: Environmental Engineering Technologist, or Civil Engineering Technologist   Location: Regina, Saskatchewan   Your Role:   Field supervision of geologic and hydrogeologic drilling investigations; Field supervision of geo-environmental drilling investigations;   Field supervision of groundwater monitoring and geochemical testing;   Surveying activities including slope staking, second grading and […]

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Intermediate Engineer

FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Intermediate Engineer   October 2021  Position: Environmental Engineer, or  Civil Engineer  Location: Regina, Saskatchewan  Your Role:  Project management including coordination of contractors, management of tenders,  construction monitoring and surveying;   Field supervision of: geologic, hydrogeologic & geo-environmental drilling  investigations; groundwater monitoring; and geochemical testing;   Core understanding of site characterization;   Technical analysis to interpret engineering […]

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