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    Based in Regina, SK, WaterMark has provided consulting and engineering services across western Canada since 2003.

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Our Service Areas


We offer services such as water well development and licensing, well head performance, water well rehabilitation and more.

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We offer site characterization, earth manure storage, waste water lagoon characterization, earthworks investigations and more.

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Featuring work such as site characterization, petrographics, geological cross sections, regional siting studies and more.

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Services pertaining to the characterization, containment and mitigation of by-products of industrial, agribusiness and municipal industries.

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Industries We Serve

  • Municipal

    Including: groundwater wells, landfill design, construction and operations, wastewater lagoons, annual monitoring and reporting.

  • Land Development

    Hydrogeologic characterization, groundwater well development and licensing.

  • Agribusiness

    We offer varied Geo-Environmental services pertaining to the characterization, containment and mitigation of by-products of agriculture and other industries.

  • Industrial

    Geologic/hydrogeologic characterization, monitoring, protection, containment and financial assurance.

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Celebrating 20 Years

In March 2023, WaterMark turned 20 years old! Successfully completing over 600 projects across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, we have been happy to spend the last 20 years helping our clients find solutions. Over the years, our…

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Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh
Always happy to work with these diligent, experienced and approachable professionals.
Dave Willfong
Dave Willfong
Great ti deal with.